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Submersible sewage pump maintenance tips

The submersible sewage pump is a kind of pump type which is connected with the pump and the motor and is submerged under the liquid. It is suitable for various occasions. In order to make the equipment last longer, you need to know about the submersible sewage pump maintenance techniques.

Determine the correct direction of rotation of the motor

The direction of rotation of the motor should be clarified. Nowadays, there are many types of submersible sewage pumps that can discharge water during forward and reverse rotation. However, when the water is rotated, the water flow is small and the current is large. If the rotation time is long, the motor windings will be damaged.

Prevent the power supply voltage from starting abnormally

Because the low-voltage power supply line is relatively long, the end voltage of the line is too low is a common occurrence. When the phase voltage is lower than 198 volts and the line voltage is lower than 342 volts, the speed of the submersible sewage pump motor decreases. When the 70% of the additional speed is not reached, the centrifugal switch will be turned off, and the starting winding will be energized for a long time to heat up and even burn. Bad windings and capacitors. Conversely, a voltage that is too high causes the motor to overheat and burn out the windings. Therefore, in the operation of the submersible sewage pump, the operator must investigate the value of the power supply voltage at any time. If it is less than 10% of the extra voltage and higher than 10% of the extra voltage, the motor should be stopped, the cause should be found and the fault should be eliminated.

Insulation resistance requirements of cable line devices and submersible sewage pumps

When installing the submersible sewage pump, the cable should be overhead and the power cord should not be too long. Do not force the cable when the submersible sewage pump is launched or raised to prevent the power cord from cracking. Do not sink into the mud when the submersible pump is working, otherwise, it will cause the motor to dissipate heat and burn the motor windings. When the device is installed, the insulation resistance of the motor should not be less than 0.5 megohms.
types of submersible sewage pumps
Leakage maintenance device

The leakage maintenance device is also called a life-saving device, and its effect can be understood from the words ‘life-saving device’. Because the submersible sewage pump operates underwater, simple leakage causes power loss and even electric shock. If the leakage maintenance device is installed, only the leakage value of the submersible sewage pump exceeds the operating current value of the leakage maintenance device (usually does not exceed 30 mA), and the leakage maintenance device will block the power supply of the submersible pump to ensure safety and prevent leakage.

Prevent frequent opening

Do not switch the submersible pump frequently. This is because the recirculation occurs when the electric pump is stopped. If it is turned on immediately, the motor load will be started, causing the starting current to be too large to burn the winding. Because the current is very large when starting, frequent starts will also burn the submersible sewage pump motor windings.

Do not let the submersible sewage pump overload operation for a long time

In order to prevent the submersible pump from overloading for a long time, do not pump water with a large amount of sand and check whether the current value is a regular value on the nameplate. If the current is too large, stop it. In addition, the dehydration operation of the electric pump should not be too long to prevent the motor from overheating and burning.

Pay attention to normal maintenance

Usually, you should always check the motor. If you find cracks in the lower cover, damage or failure of the rubber seal ring, you should replace or correct it in time to prevent water from entering the submersible pump.

Pay attention to the use of the submersible sewage pump maintainer and pay attention to some ordinary maintenance, which can extend the service life of the submersible sewage pump very well.