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What are the advantages of an integrated pumping station?

1、High integration
The integrated lift pumping station is an integrated unit, and its complete set provides prefabricated cylinder, submersible sewage pump, piping system, pulverizing grid, intelligent control system, lifting device, an exhaust device, etc., which can fully satisfy different types requirements of users.

2、Strong, Fine
The main body of the integrated pumping station is made of fiber-wound FRP, It is completely resistant to tearing, corrosion and other destructive forces, so it is strong, durable and durable. The buried structure makes it harmonious with the surrounding ring and is fine and generous.

3、Short engineering cycle
The integrated pumping station series products are supplied with finished products, and the installation and commissioning of each component are completed in the factory. Only the overall positioning is required after the goods arrive at the site. Buried, the time required for installation and commissioning is much shorter than that of conventional pumping stations.

integrated lift pumping station
4、Efficient and environmentally friendly, cost saving
The self-contained control operation system ensures that the pump automatically and efficiently runs according to the amount of water, and the internal flow is good, sealed and odorless, and meets environmental protection requirements. The prefabricated pumping station of this series saves 20-30% of the cost compared with the traditional concrete pumping station, and the floor space is much smaller.

5、Fully automatic control
The submersible pump of the integrated lift pump station adopts the liquid level float ball to automatically control the opening and stopping; the crushing grid is normally open, and the large objects can be automatically reversed. The whole pumping station adopts automatic control, and no special personnel are required to be on duty.

6、Easy to install and maintain
The personnel does not have to enter the cylinder of the integrated lift pump station, and the water pump can be lifted and hoisted from the top, and the site installation is convenient.

7、Long service life
The integrated lift pump station self-purifying thin-shell wellbore base and smooth inner wall ensure long-term use without any maintenance; the water pump, grille, and pipeline are made of FRP anti-corrosion material and have a long service life.