What kind of terrain to choose what kind of water pump

This problem, in short, is the selection of water pumps. The following are the applicable way for you to choose water pumps from zjbetter. I hope they can help you choose water pumps and help you better. Choose the water pump that suits your design.
1. Confirm the use terrain
First understand the terrain in which the outfit is used, including temperature, moisture, air pressure, air cattiness, dustproof and leakproof conditions, and the position of dangerous areas.
2. Confirm operating conditions
Refers to the liquid face pressure( absolute) on the suction side of the liquid, the liquid face pressure on the discharge side, intermittent or nonstop work, fixed or mobile position, and the convenience of installation and conservation.
3. Confirm the nature of the medium
Medium temperature, viscosity, density, impregnated vapor pressure, solid flyspeck periphery and content, gas content, cattiness, volatility, trap, toxin.
4. elect the material of the pump bathe corridor
According to the physical and chemical parcels of the pumped medium above, the material of the inflow- passing corridor is determined.
5. Determine performance parameters
The performance parameters of the water pump can be determined by computation, analogy, test and other styles.
6. Determine the installation type
The installation of the channel is determined by the layout of the channel and the installation point, and there are direct connection, perpendicular and other types.
8. Determine the number of pumps
In general, spare pumps, especially fire pumps, are set up, and the number of pumps is named according to different situations.

There are numerous ways to maintain fire pumps and water pumps. The following styles are more effective. You can use them for reference
System 1 The installation of the pump set should be accurate and dependable, and there should be no egregious vibration duringoperation.However, or the bearing is hot to the touch( the temperature is advanced than 60 °C) and the water seepage in the seal of the pump shaft is further than 60 drops per nanosecond, the cause must be set up out and the fault should be excluded in time, If the pump makes abnormal noise when pumping water.
system 2 Screws that are squinched daily, similar as packing gland screws, irrigation entrapments,etc., should be disassembled with a suitable wrench and a reasonable necklace. You can put some slicking oil painting on it or wipe it regularly with an oil painting cloth to help rust; if the water drain screw isn’t used constantly, it’s easy to rust, so after buying a new water pump, you should first wind the water drain draw, and apply some machine oil painting and white lead oil painting on the screw thread, Change the new oil painting two or three times a time in the future.
System 3 If the pump is waxed with machine oil painting, the slicking oil painting should be replaced once a month; if it’s waxed with adulation, it should be replaced every six months. It should be noted that the water pump uses calcium- grounded grease, and the motor uses sodium- grounded grease, and they shouldn’t be used inaptly. Because sodium- grounded grease is hydrophilic, it’ll emulsify into froth and dissipate when it encounters water on the pump, while calcium- grounded grease is hysterical of high temperature, so it’s easy to melt when the temperature rises when used on a motor.

system 4 Don’t pump water with too important beach, so as to avoid unseasonable wear and tear of the impeller, mouth ring and shaft, and try to help water deficit operation. Running without water will damage the water seal, and the water pump is prone to water leakage or indeed no water.
System 5 After the irrigation and drainage season is over, the water pump should be precisely gutted and auditedimmediately.However, they should be repaired or replaced in time, and the corridor that should be waxed should be filled with suitable oil painting; Stylish stored in a dry place, If any damaged or misshaped corridor are set up to be unworkable.